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Datum - 27-05-2020 - 30-05-2020
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JCI Dublin, JCI Ireland and the JCI Ireland Senate are delighted to have secured the bid to host the JCI EC 2020 Conference. This event will attract up to 2,000 young professionals, from all over Europe and beyond, to Dublin.

This is only the 5th time in the past 60 years that Ireland has hosted such a prestigious international gathering for this international organisation which boasts alumni such as John F Kennedy, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Kofi Annan and 3.5 million more. Our ambitious aim is to surpass the number of attendees ever hosted in Ireland for a JCI event. The 4 day conference will highlight the amazing career opportunities, unparalleled produce and products along with world class services that Dublin and Ireland can offer.

This conference was first mooted at the European President’s Meeting in Novi Sad, Serbia in
February 2015. It was then that JCI Dublin declared its interest in bidding to host the 2020
European Conference. A formal submission of interest was presented at the European President’s Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland in February 2017 and this too was welcomed. We faced stiff competition from some other European countries but Dublin prevailed with a successful bid presentation in Riga, Latvia at the European Conference 2018.

JCI (Junior Chamber International) has been in Ireland since 1956 and globally since 1915. We
have members in over 100 countries with over 150,000 members as of today. JCI is a
voluntary organisation of young professionals and entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s who want
to be better and make a difference in their lives, their business, their communities and globally.
The attendees at our conference will go on to be leaders in business, NGOs, society and
communities around Europe.